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The content and information concerning EagleWeb is currently under revision. Additional information will be provided as available.

The grantor/grantee index provided for you on this web site will enable you to search public records for the Mohave County Recorder's official records from 1970 to present. Our records, by statute, are indexed in alphabetical order by name (last name first NO COMMA). You will need at least one of the parties' names and approximate date of the transaction to do a search. You may also search for information by a specific field or combination of fields presented here. This will help you limit your search. Legal descriptions are provided as a courtesy and are not verified information. You may not always be able to search by address, legal description or tax parcel number on this index. It may be possible that the document you are researching is not recorded with this office.

The public can view indexing data only up to the date that documents have been completely indexed and proofed.

Subscription users can search indexing and view unofficial copies of images up to the current date. Images are available beginning
January 2, 1989. For information on services available and costs, please contact

For additional information by tax parcel number, please contact the Mohave County Assessor at 928-753-0703 or e-mail their office at

Our database contains indexing information from 1970 to current. Official copies cannot be accessed from our website and you must contact Mohave County Recorder's Office for copies or inquiries, please contact our office in Kingman, Arizona at 928-753-0701. You may e-mail us at Document copies are $1.00 per page for official or an additional $3.00 for certified copies of documents.

We are located in Kingman at 700 W. Beale Street. Our hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


You are entering the Mohave County Recorder's online public records search. The Mohave County's Recorder's Office makes every effort to provide accurate data from the recorded documents, but the information provided on this site is done as a service and is presented with no guarantees of accuracy or reliability. This is not a final source of documentation for property title transfers or any legal matters and it is recommended that you obtain professional services. Our purpose is to provide data for reference information only and the information gathered is the responsibility of the user.

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